Empiric – Irena Milin

by admin

There’s something dying
in this autumn sun;
Its force consumes me.
my restless steps keep
hungry for the streets.

The tempted body surrenders
to the sweetening aroma,
helpless to the forces of nature.
One million uncontrollable moods
change inside,
transforming the sight.

The red silhouettes of a burning sun
drum on top of my eyelids,
and the heart is growing bigger,
beholding the sufferings of the universe.
The pain comes out in slopes down my face.

I sit under a tree,
and the whole world
gets embraced within.
Tawny little leaf,
trapped within my hair
shrivels, discovered;
Take it out gently, put it in my handbag.
It’s the least you can do.


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