People killed the God – Marko Vlašić

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By his cunningness

Were people all around toxicated

They haven’t even fairly said goodbye to their savior

But have already waded in deadly sin

Went back on all the promises given to the Father.


They have been noticed by the great demons

They finger with their tobacco, thorns and despair

In the fields, where the evil rises at the night…


They are thankful and happy/fortunate for they belong to him


They are taught to praise the pride

Blinded to sell

Their rotten knowledge to the poor

To the poor that knew of God only.


And look there…

The death seedsmen are coming for Juda Iscariot

And they will come for every light in the house

For all that is human

And reasonable.

Bouguereau- The First Mourning 1888

Bouguereau- The First Mourning 1888


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