Eastern town (waiting room)

by admin

They are digging into it
Drilling it
They are plundering from the small town
Even today
All that is possible to plunder

The thieves have seen the delight
And sensed the golden scent
By their cunning words
And deeds of a sinner
They have disappeared
Without a trace
Like vermin

Many have escaped
Those that couldn’t have taken it any more
Leaving with their bodies
Trying to find themselves somewhere far away
With eyes filled with tears
The soles of the small town
Are bleeding today
In the memories
Far away from here

Forests are close here
Making the small people
That are only scraping here
For a moment

Those are the wonders
Of the small eastern town
That did not feel any wars
But rather sympathized

The time has stopped here
Somewhere in the 80s
Somewhere between childhood and a dream

The name no longer exists

Only the paralysis of the soul exists
Forgotten by the God
And left alone
To await for their death
Among the walls
In the solitude
In this small town in the East of the country

Translation by Knežević Olgica

Dragan Paunović - mural

Dragan Paunović – mural


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