All waiting for good – Marko Vlašić

by admin

The power of the small ones

Was always present

Established long ago

Presented to the reasons

Those knowing to control the big ones

Hold it

Smaller from the small ones never had it

Never had nothing

Except the ground and the children

They have bespoken the wars

Hunger and misery

by anger

But they couldn’t beat their own

It was bigger

It is the same today

Some have reached happiness by their characters

Grand and a bit less grand


By anguish and suffering

By hunger of making the dreams come true

They said

Where to go

And who to follow

Even the small obeyed while in power

Killed the grand

Torn them around the world

This act

Was a mistake

Of those small ones in power

Today they are all

Even though buried

Preserved in the texts

Risen and happy around the world





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